Maintenance Today For Tomorrow’s Peace of Mind

Taking Care of You and Your Car!

Our goal is to keep you safe, help you get the most life out of your vehicle, and the best performance possible. The best way to do this is through regular maintenance. Some repairs cannot be avoided, but with proper vehicle care, you can deter some of those failures from happening. In addition to manufacturers’ recommendations, we will develop an individualized plan based on what your vehicle “tells us” from our Vehicle Condition Report.

An oil change is the most familiar form of maintenance. At Kevin’s Car Care, we include topping off all fluids and checking and adjusting tire pressure with this service. The other fluids that run through the different systems in your vehicle get dirty, acidic and collect condensation. Changing these fluids at dedicated intervals helps to protect components and extend their life. But what do these fluids do and how does the breakdown affect your vehicle?

    Antifreeze/Coolant circulates through the engine to keep it cool. Breakdown of this fluid can cause leaks, overheating and erosion of system components.

    Brake Fluid transfers energy from the brake pedal to the brake pads to stop your vehicle. Breakdown of this fluid can cause you to have a spongey brake pedal, delayed braking response and deterioration of components in the system.

    Power Steering Fluid reduces the effort necessary to control your vehicle and lubricates the system components. Breakdown of this fluid can cause steering stiffness, leaks, whining noises and loss of lubrication abilities.

    Transmission Fluid disburses pressures for changing gears, lubricates and keeps the system cool. Breakdown of this fluid can cause harsh shifting, slipping, shuttering and loss of lubrication abilities.

It is recommended that these fluids be changed every 30,000 miles. In addition, you can prevent the inconveniences of a breakdown, avoid unexpected expenses and get renewable warranty coverage for the systems you maintain when services are started between 30,000 to 75,000 miles. The longer you keep your vehicle, the more money you save on:

    • Insurance
    • Personal Property Tax
    • Repairs
    • Car Payments
    • Sales Tax

Call us or easily schedule your appointment online. We are here to help you get the most value out of your vehicle investment.

    • Air Filter Replacement
    • Antifreeze/Coolant Flush
    • Brake Fluid Flush
    • Cabin Air Filter Replacement
    • Differential Service
    • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
    • Fuel Economy Service
    • Oil Change
    • Power Steering Flush
    • Tire Rotation
    • Transmission Flush
    • Tune-Up