Keeping Our Community Strong

Get Involved With Us

At Kevin’s Car Care we care a great deal about the community we live in, work in, and serve. It takes all of us contributing to the quality of our community to make it healthy and prosperous. Giving back to our community is extremely important to us, and an essential part of who we are. There are a variety of organizations that we are proud to be associated with. Each of them shares our personal vision of strengthening the community. We participate in and sponsor events for Arnold and Twin City Chambers, and the Jefferson County Growth Association.

Taking care of the needs of our young people means taking care of the future. The school system can always use more assistance or involvement to help with the education and growth of students. Education is a huge part of our business and we place the same priority on educating young people. Organized sports is also an extracurricular activity that we are proud to support. We donate to our local schools and other non-profit organizations to support sports, Project Graduation, DARE and other fundraising needs.

We also provide Car Care Clinics to help educate consumers about their vehicles. We were the recipient of ASA’s Green Star Award in 2011 for our recycling and pollution prevention practices

The Barnhart community is our home, and we proudly serve the other members of our home and any welcomed guests. We’d like to thank our community for their continued support, and we promise to keep you on the road for life.